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On the top of each page is our site common navigation menu. Use these button links to navigate to the various pages of the site.

Some elements on our pages require JavaScript to function properly. Upon opening a page, if you see a message in your browser about scripts being disabled then you can either temporarily allow the scripts to run via the pop‑up message, enable scripts in your browser settings, or add our site address to your browser's list of safe sites.

Content Refresh

If at any time some page content (menu, photos, calendar, map, etc.) does not appear to have displayed properly, then do not hesitate to utilize your browser's page refresh tool. This can typically be accessed by a button on the browser menu, by right‑clicking on the page and selecting Refresh, or by using the F5 key.

Some browsers extensively cache content from previous site visits. Therefore the browser may simply display the content that had been already stored on the local computer rather than the new updated data from our site's server. To force the browser to clear that cache of old information hold down the Ctrl key and hit F5 in order perform a hard‑refresh and see all of our latest content.

Audio Links

The sermon and Bible study audio files are stored in mp3 format. All of the audio files are quite large (usually 5‑10 Mb) so a high‑speed internet connection is recommended for downloading or streaming.

All sermon and Bible study audio files are accessed via our Sermon Blog site. Each weekly posting will contain the link to the audio file along with links to read the scripture references and any available handouts. When practical, additional sermon references will be included in the sermon posting. The Listen Now link opens the file for listening in a separate browser window. The file should start playing as soon as enough content is buffered in the player. On a slow internet connection there may be intermittent pauses heard while the player downloads enough material to continue.

If you perfer to download the files for playing later then you will need an mp3 audio player such as Microsoft Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, or Apple QuickTime Player or a separate media device. To force a file download, right‑click on the desired sermon Download link and choose the 'Save As' option. The exact title will differ in each browser. While this link initiates the 'Save As' process, your individual browser will determine how this is accomplished. You will either be prompted to provide a storage location on your computer and filename for the file or the browser may automatically store the file in its default folder for downloads.

We recently migrated our audio file storage to Google Drive and the currently used embedded media player is not fully compatible with Google Drive. The total time is not displayed and the forward button does not function properly. We are investigating other options.

Browser Compatibility and Known Issues

This site was constructed with ConTEXT. It has been tested successfully with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome. All of these browsers are available free of charge. You should update your browser to the latest version of your preference to get the most features and security. Note that all browsers may display pages slightly different.

Occasionally the calendar sections on the Home page and the Calendar page do not display properly upon initial load; instead a message is shown indicating the user does not have the proper permissions to view the calendar. A page refresh should clear this error.

Also, the interactive map tools on the Location page may not load or take a long time to load. When successful a small Crossroads icon should appear on the map indicating our location. Try page refresh to reload the tools.

Mozilla Firefox sometimes will not display the content tools of the left‑column on the News Blog, Sermons Blog, or Reports blog pages. If the left‑column appears blank then clearing the browser cache (Clear Recent History under the Tools menu) seems to be the only way to force Firefox to retrieve all the page information.

Some browsers, notably Mozilla Firefox and Opera, do not natively support embedded mp3 audio files. Therefore we have chosen to utilize an Adobe Flash media player for playing the mp3 files on conventional desktop computers. Unfortunately Flash is often not compatible with tablets, mobile devices, smart televisions, and blu‑ray players. If the Flash player is not working on your system, then you must download the media file to your device and use a separate mp3 audio player program to hear the file.

Custom Search

Our site suite has a custom search tool on the Search page. This tool provided by Google will conduct a search for the term you specify only within our site structure.

Type the name, term, or topic you want to search for within our series of pages. Hit the Search button to initiate the search process. The results of the search will then be displayed. Click on any search result to see the page on which it was found. There may be more than one page of results available.

Be aware that Google caches web page content for quite some time and may display results that have expired or are no longer available.


Scripture links to the sermon texts are provided through BibleGateway. The scripture links will open in a separate browser window.

The bulletin and hand‑out files are available in pdf format which can be viewed with Adobe Reader. Visit their site to get the latest version of the viewer. The pdf files were created with CutePDF printer driver.

A special note a thanks to Google for developing and distributing the imbedded free tools for the calendar, photo gallery, custom internal search, map link, and media player.

This version of this site package was released to web 1/24/2016.

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